August 25, 2009


I originally started making this bracelet for my baby shower, but then I got the dress..... Duh! You supposed to buy the dress first and then accessories??? Is that how it's done...uuuh i see :)) My bad... Then of course I didn't finish it, cuz had no idea how i wanted it too, until yesterday. Hope you like it!

August 24, 2009

Half&Half Bracelet

Half&Half Earring

Half&Half Set :)

August 06, 2009

Who's belly's bigger anyways? :)))

Due Date Countdown


Crochet :)

6 szemes az alap, 11/0-as a horgolt zsinor, es 15/0 az osszefogo pantocska.

FonottHatulrol :)

Csinaltam hozzaillo fulit is ;)

FonottElolrol...pattern by Jenna Colyar-Cooper

More Flowers :)


Pattern by Kerrie Slade :)